Bentonite for Mud

Bentonite for Drilling

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  • Bentonite for Drilling
  • 钻井泥浆用膨润土


Technical standards of Bentonite for Drilling

Refer to GB/T5005-2010 <Specification for Drilling Fluid Materials >and OCMA standards.

Texinyang Bentonite IndexOCMA Standards
Yield value/plastic viscosity≤1.5≤1.5
filtration loss/cm3
75μm screen remaining/%(m/m)≤4≤4
Moisture/% (m/m)1313

Product features: Bentonite has strong dilatability after meeting water, has good colloidal properties, which can make the viscosity of suspension increase. When using in drilling mud, can increase the lubricity of drilling tools, cleaning the rock waste produced in the drilling process.

Product application:  widely used in drilling construction of strata with complex geological structure, preventing the occurrence of accidents in the hole.