Bentonite for Mud

Bentonite for Diaphragm Wall

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  • Bentonite for Diaphragm Wall

Technical standards of Bentonite for Diaphragm Wall

Refer to GB/T5005-2010 <Specification for Drilling Fluid Materials >and OCMA standards.

Texinyang Bentonite IndexOCMA Standards
Yield value/plastic viscosity3≤3
filtration loss/cm3
75μm screen remaining/%(m/m)4≤2.5
Moisture/% (m/m)1113

Product features: Ensure the stability of the slot wall of the diaphragm wall;Effectively prevent the collapse of slot wall; As the lubrication and coolant of th implemenr.

Product application:Suitable for underground diaphragm wall, slotting machine, pile foundation and other engineering projects.