Dust Free Mineral Cat Litter

Dust Free(white)Mineral Cat Litter

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  • Dust Free(white)Mineral Cat Litter

        The raw ore was selected as a deep bentonite ore deposited by lacustrine volcanic ash in the middle and late Cretaceous of Mesozoic. Because of its unique lyoxyoctahedral layered structure, it naturally has the function of absorbing odors and harmful bacteria, making it the preferred material for cat bedding.

Product Name: Three Times cleaned Dust Free Crushed Litter, Three Times Dust Remove and  Deodorization,    Add Ag+ bacteriostatic Crushed Cat Litter

1. Three Times cleaned Dust Free Crushed Litter

[Product Specification] : 0.5-2.5mm

[Product Features] : Bentonite clean dust patent technology, cat litter dust to a minimum

2. Three Times Dust Remove and  Thriple Deodorization

[Product Specification] : 0.5-2.5mm

[Product features] : High quality activated carbon is embedded in bentonite ore material to lock ammonia in urine. The embedding technique squeezes deodorant factors into the inner core of litter particles to forcefully remove ammonia and smell from urine. Mineral adsorption method and binary deodorization method of plant liquid gas phase decomposition.

3. Add Ag+ bacteriostatic Crushed Cat Litter

[Product Specification] : 0.5-2.5mm

[Product features] : Add antibacterial function of silver ion on the basis of three steps of cleaning dust and three steps of deodorization to inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria in cat litter.